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Letters to the Editor

What is the future of K-Country?

On Sept. 22, 1978, former Premier Peter Lougheed officially created Kananaskis Country. We are now celebrating 40 years of his vision to create Kananaskis Country.

Kinsmen Park the wrong choice for tiny homes

Dear Editor, While we support the idea of a tiny home project and are well aware that Okotoks is very much in need of more affordable housing, we feel putting it in Kinsmen Park is a very poor choice.

Tiny homes an opportunity worth embracing

Dear Editor, Kudos to the Town of Okotoks for recognizing the opportunity that the Tiny Home Eco Village presented to them to identify town-owned land that is underutilized.

Kinsmen Park needed for recreational use

For the last two weeks I’ve been in a dilemma trying to understand why the powers that be at town hall would consider a tiny village in Kinsmen Park.

Tiny village a comfortable fit for Okotoks

Dear Editor, Re: Loss of park would be detrimental to families by Andrew Sitter.

Town says farewell to editor

Dear Editor, I write this letter today to say farewell to Western Wheel editor Don Patterson as he embarks on a new chapter in his life. I would like to wish him the best of luck as he heads to Toronto and Ryerson University to obtain his MBA.

Residents voted against amalgamation twice

Dear Editor, Re: Councils Looking to Grow Together in April 4 Western Wheel. Reading this article makes you wonder why we even vote. The politicians simply don’t listen.

Capitalism the best path to prosperity

Dear Editor, In response to Sheelagh Matthews’ recent article, she follows a trend in Canada to criticize the wealth disparity between the one percenters and the capitalist economy against the remaining society.

Calgary Olympic bid too costly

Dear Editor, As Albertans we have all been listening to the news about how the City of Calgary thinks it should make a bid for the Olympics, and that the provincial and federal governments should pay the bill.

Town should allow food trucks

Dear Editor, The banning of food trucks and limiting their presence to “special events” is incredibly short-sighted by the Town of Okotoks.