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Letters to the Editor

Hospice’s decision fulfills patients’ choices

Dear Editor, In response to the letter Hospice should not offer MAID in the June 5 edition of the Western Wheel, I was rather shocked to read the view of the writer and some of the wording chosen to describe the hospice’s choice to offer MAID.

Questioning Country Hospice's decision

Dear Editor, I was sorry to read in a recent edition of the Western Wheel that the local hospice is planning to offer MAID.

Climate change specialist needs community buy-in

Dear Editor, Floods cost Canadians almost $4 billion from 2005 to 2014, and that’s just the federal disaster payouts.

Large shared classroom questioned

Dear Editor, As a retired Ontario teacher with 25 years experience, I was stunned to discover that the Red Deer Lake School had a Grade 2 class with 47 students. I thought that the giant class/team teaching model fell into disrepute in the late ’70s.

Communication key to Red Deer Lake classroom

Dear Editor, Without any notification, last fall Grade 2 students and their parents returned to Red Deer Lake School to find the partition wall between two classrooms had been removed, creating one large classroom with 47 students.

Learning lessons from Down Under

Dear Editor, I would like to offer a solution to the safety crossing concerns at the intersection of Milligan and Crystal Ridge Drive, as stated in Megan Thrall’s news story on Feb. 27, and the many other complaints before it.

Youths provide kindness by the shovelful

Dear Editor, A knock at the front door of our acreage home had me running to answer it. Through the glass side panels I could see two teenagers waiting for me to respond.

Buyers beware when purchasing home

Alhough I feel Amanda Christie’s frustration with living on a busy street, her letter did not acknowledge her ignorance of two incredibly important factors in deciding where to build or purchase a home.

Community support sweet music to food bank

Dear Editor, A tremendous round of applause for an outstanding effort with the 2018 Christmas Concert for the Okotoks Food Bank. We have received so many nice compliments on the two sold out shows.

Cimarron Boulevard concerns not being heard

Dear Editor, The residents on Cimarron Boulevard have been quietly stewing amongst themselves for years, wondering and hoping when the Town will finally realize the urgent need to ‘fix’ Cimarron Boulevard.