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Letters to the Editor

Fans should get on the Oilers bandwagon

Dear Editor, I have lived in the Okotoks area for some time and am somewhat of a sports fan. I have, over the years, attended just about every amateur sporting event that has been on in this area. Soccer, baseball, lacrosse etc.

Energy program has an impact

Dear Editor, I recently read a letter in your newspaper from a person who had a negative experience with our Residential No-Charge Energy Savings Program.

Businesses should close for Remembrance

Dear Editor, Many years ago, respectable businesses would close their doors on the morning of Nov. 11 out of respect for those who served in armed conflicts to ensure the freedoms enjoyed in Canada.

Carbon tax just a cash grab

Dear Editor, Since the NDP’s Carbon Tax was going to help save emissions we decided to have Energy Efficiency Alberta install some energy efficient light bulbs.

A proud Falcon parent

Dear Editor, As I write this I am not sure where the Foothills Composite Football Team will be at the end of the season. It does not matter though because where they stand at the end of the season is not important.

Letter writers correct about highway

Dear Editor, I totally agree with the letters by Peter VanderKloot and Stewart Sinclair-Smith regarding the supposed “upgrades” to econdary Highway 549, in particular, that the guardrails do not provide any chance |of avoiding a collision with either

New councillor' s comments bang on

Dear Editor, I’m so glad I voted for Coun. Florence Christophers in this past election.

Remembrance parking problems

Dear Editor, Re. November 11, Remembrance Day Service. Let me commend the organizers of this year’s Remembrance Day. It was fantastic. It is always an enjoyable and memorable event for me.

Highway should be reviewed

Dear Editor, In reply to the well written letter to the Western Wheel by Mr. Stewart Sinclair-Smith. I agree about the dangers presented by the guardrails on Secondary Highway 549.

Thank you for lunch program

Dear Editor, On behalf of the Okotoks United Church school lunch program, we wish to thank the talented youth from the Okotoks and surrounding area for being part of the Kids Helping Kids variety show.