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Letters to the Editor

Christmas rings true in grocery line

Dear Editor, The spirit of Christmas is alive and active in Okotoks. On Dec. 14, I was in Sobeys buying a few groceries. My debit card would not work because the ATB system was down. My newly renewed credit card would not work either.

Albertans lucky to have Notley in leadership role

Fifty years ago, Grant Notley was a strong voice in opposition to the Alberta government policy of low royalties on our resources.

Money needed for snow removal

Dear Editor, I read the Western Wheel’s article on the budget and wondered why monies can’t be allocated to expanding snow removal. We often start getting snow in September and it lasts until April if not later.

Early snow clearers provide relief for seniors, kids

Re: snow clearing on the pathway Early the other morning I had to deliver my car down to the tire changers to get it set up for winter.

Town should not get into transit business

Dear Editor, The idea of local transit once again being discussed by town administration and council has me upset. There was already one attempt at local transit (the subsidized GO program) that failed miserably.

Canada shouldn’t fall into carbon tax trap

Dear Editor, In response to Sheelagh Matthews’ article on Oct. 31, a climate changes hero would be one to evaluate a policy based on attainable results and transmit these conclusions to the public in a truthful manner.

What is the future of K-Country?

On Sept. 22, 1978, former Premier Peter Lougheed officially created Kananaskis Country. We are now celebrating 40 years of his vision to create Kananaskis Country.

Kinsmen Park the wrong choice for tiny homes

Dear Editor, While we support the idea of a tiny home project and are well aware that Okotoks is very much in need of more affordable housing, we feel putting it in Kinsmen Park is a very poor choice.

Tiny homes an opportunity worth embracing

Dear Editor, Kudos to the Town of Okotoks for recognizing the opportunity that the Tiny Home Eco Village presented to them to identify town-owned land that is underutilized.

Kinsmen Park needed for recreational use

For the last two weeks I’ve been in a dilemma trying to understand why the powers that be at town hall would consider a tiny village in Kinsmen Park.