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Letters to the Editor

Only two funding sources for pipeline

Dear Editor, During the recent campaign, I knocked on about 400 of my neighbours’ doors. I wasn’t running for office but I gave out some brochures from a few candidates that were.

Highway guard rails a problem

Dear Editor, This letter concerns the placement of cabled guardrails on Secondary Highway 549 west of Okotoks. During a howling blizzard with blowing snow, I witnessed a school bus eastbound on 549 waiting to turn left at 96th.

Habitat for Humanity build great thing for Okotoks

Dear Editor, I was excited to hear that the next Habitat for Humanity Southern Alberta Foothills Chapter build will be in Okotoks! I was a past member of the Foothills Chapter and participated in the build in High River so I know how much volunteer e

Residents opposed to Aldersyde development

Dear Editor, The headline “Some still oppose Aldersyde Development” on page 5 of the Sept. 20 Western Wheel is very misleading. Let’s face it, a lot of people give short attention to the news except for the headlines.

No tax dollars for arena

Dear Editor, Citizens have spent hundreds of millions of dollars building/renovating facilities that have taken the Flames owners from mere millionaires to billionaire.

Council work left undone

Dear Editor, In the upcoming election the primary issues are not about councillor’s expenses. The issues are about the long-term projects that remain unfinished over the past 15 to 20 years.

Vote for water

Dear Editor, “Whiskey’s for drinking, water is for fighting.” So said the old-timers. Hopefully we have not yet got to the point of fighting over water but we have surely got to the point where we need to talk about it.

Kindness of strangers appreciated

Dear Editor, My 96-year-old father, David, in a case of “distracted walking,” tripped and fell on the curb outside of Boston Pizza in Okotoks.

Liberal tax plans harming farmers

Dear Editor, I am farmer, small business owner. We worked 12 to 16 hour days, seven days a week for years with no holidays and weekends are just another work day. We raised three children who are all small business owners, ranchers too.

Regrettable reference justified

Dear Editor, Beverley Mably wrote and asked for clarification on the editorial statement, “To regrettably paraphrase Donald Trump, the attacks came from both sides...” and I thought I would offer my help.