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It’s time for something Scottish

Robbie Burns was born on Jan. 25, 1759 in Alloway, Scotland. In July 1786 he published 612 copies of poems, chiefly in the Scottish dialect.

Thank you for Wheel Cares

Thank you very much for your generous donations to the 2018 Western Wheel Cares charity fundraiser. We collected donations right up until the ball dropped on New Year’s Eve and together we raised $49,010.

News from the Valley Neighbours Club

By Laura Hayward Valley Neighbours Club News Make sure you read John Barlow’s Merry Christmas from John Barlow in the Dec. 19 issue of the Wheel. It is no wonder people in his riding hold him in such high regard.

Libraries: then and now

By Lara Grunow Okotoks Public Library The Okotoks Public Library is preparing for a future expansion of both space and services that we provide to the community.
Rivals play classic for charity

Rivals play classic for charity

I was grumpy when I started my Christmas holiday. Those pesky Knights and Falcons played a Senior girls exhibition basketball game on Dec.

Rockley's predictions for 2019

I’m feeling optimistic about my predictions this year. This doesn’t count as one of my top 10 predictions but right off the hop I’m going to predict that I will get more predictions correct this year.

Be a good tenant in the new year

There’s nothing landlords love more than a good tenant. Having worked in residential and commercial property management early on in my career, I know this to be true.

Chamber aiming for the future

By Dick Nichols Western Wheel columnist I went over to the Okotoks Chamber of Commerce office a few days ago to have a year-end chat with president Sara Noyes and executive director Jayme Hall about how things were going.

Merry Christmas to all

It’s humbling to witness how people in our community have come together to help friends and neighbours who are experiencing hardship. It’s that genuine caring for one another that makes our community strong.

Stuck in the middle again

I had to go into Calgary for a meeting recently and as I was crawling my way through the big city traffic I couldn’t help but notice billboards everywhere advertising Huawei smartphones for sale.