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It’s been a busy week in Ottawa

It’s been a busy week in Ottawa

My, my, it’s been a busy week. There are three whopping announcements out of Ottawa to leave us with something to think about over the summer.

We the North

As Canada is less than two weeks from celebrating its 152nd birthday, it was heart-warming and downright thrilling to see its citizens ‘enraptored’ in a sporting event not seen practically since the day Paul Henderson scored his famous goal in 1972.

Clear strategy needed for plastics

Okotoks has dodged the crisis of not being able to get rid of its recyclable plastic for now, but it’s just dodging what has become a major problem, with literally boat loads of the stuff ready to be shipped back to Canada.

Road safety goes full cycle

They appear every spring and for some, they are more annoying than mosquitoes and even harder to avoid.

Eco-village a good fit for Okotoks' future

Sometimes you have to put some money down to live up to one’s commitments. Okotoks has always justifiably taken pride in its green mandate and striving for sustainability and being concerned about environmental issues in the community.

Giving thanks to Treaty 7

Students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 are taking steps to correct wrongs for which they are not responsible. Longview School students got the ball rolling early in the school year when they helped create a land acknowledgment for Treaty 7.

Rally will provide life lesson

Some Foothills area students took a break from school last week.

More election forums needed

The four-week race is over, and residents in the Foothills can put the 2019 provincial election behind them for another four years.

Voters make the choice

Albertans are going to the polls in less than a week after four weeks of a campaign that, particularly at the leadership level, has had a bit more mud-slinging than in the past.

Celebrating Okotoks volunteers

It’s time to recognize those people in the Okotoks and Foothills area that are like dear old mom. Volunteers.