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Every vote counts

Advanced polls are closed and election day draws nearer.

Some claim voting is an exercise in futility here, where the seat has been held by big-C conservatives for over 100 years.

But even in the Foothills riding, every vote still counts. Whether you lean toward the Conservatives, Liberals, Green Party, NDP or People’s Party of Canada, it’s about making sure your voice is heard.

Like Greg Hession, PPC candidate, said - if you’re a supporter of the Green Party and cast your ballot for Green, other supporters of the party who may have decided not to bother could see the numbers that come in and be encouraged to get out and cast a vote next time around.

And as many constituents have mentioned, you never know how the chips are going to fall.

Simply not voting because you think the Conservatives are going to win anyway isn’t the right mind set, no matter which party you align with.

If you’re a Conservative and assume your party will win, you could risk the seat being overtaken by another party.

If you’re not a Conservative and assume the blue is going to win, you could be putting your own party in jeopardy by not bumping up its number of votes.

Every vote counts as just one - but if everyone voted, the results could be a lot different.

We live in a so-called “safe riding,” but nobody can predict the outcome with 100 per cent certainty. This election has been referred to as the most important in Canadian history, with divides between east and west, and urban and rural, threatening the country.

Whether these divides are mended or widened depends largely on the next federal government.

Every Canadian citizen has the right to choose who they want that to be. It is our civic duty to make some noise and let our voices be heard with our votes.

Don’t stay silent this election day.