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Need for life-saving organs

The story of a toddler waiting for life-saving organs is one that tugs at everyone’s hearts. One-year-old Lukah Mitchell is presently in an Edmonton hospital waiting for organ donations and her condition is being called by her parents as day-to-day.

Ward 1 trustee soap opera must end

The soap opera The Trustee’s Empty Chair continues after no one was elected in the Foothills School Division byelection on Monday.

Legal weed's time has come

It’s here, cannabis is legal as of Oct. 17. Although you won’t be able to walk in to a store and buy your favourite Panama Red in Okotoks quite yet, it’s legal to roll another number at your home.

Local UCP vote will decide next MLA

The potential for the next Highwood MLA being selected next week is a high one.

Time to book an expansion

The public library is the jewel of the community. Those were the words of former Lt. Governor Lois Hole, and they couldn’t ring more true.

Public outcry heard by council

You can fight city hall, even if you have to do it by taking tiny steps. Okotoks town council listened to the outcry of residents by kyboshing the idea of the Vagabond Tiny Homes eco village at Kinsmen Park at its public meeting Monday night.

Checks are in place for cannabis stores

The Town of Okotoks heard its first appeal in history concerning cannabis retail stores, and while it was a strange one, it showed the process is in place and concerns are going to be heard with sound, sober thought.

Talking art can beautify Okotoks

There’s more to a beautiful community than trees, landscapes, a river running through it and the Canadian Rockies to the west. Beauty also comes from the art within the community - some of it from the hands and minds of its citizens.

Foothills opens heart for hospice

There were plenty of fast vehicles driving around the Foothills at the Rally4Hopsice event on the weekend. Sure, the 50 cars or so were quick moving, but it wasn’t the most moving event.

Dawgs need familiar faces

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” — George Santayana, Harvard philosopher.