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Diamond Valley Citizens on Patrol hopes to raise awareness with sign campaign

The group wants residents and criminals to know it is active in the community.
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Ian Huffman of Diamond Valley Citizens on Patrol in Black Diamond on Nov. 12, 2019. The group is hoping to install 25 signs in Black Diamond, Turner Valley and Foothills County to let people know they are active in the area.

Diamond Valley Citizens on Patrol Society continues to raise awareness that its members are out and active in the community.

The group is installing Citizens on Patrol signs on Turner Valley and Black Diamond streets.

The goal of the project, said President Ian Huffman, is to let residents, as well as criminals, know the group is active and working to keep the community safe.  

The organization got financial support from both Turner Valley and Black Diamond to install the signs, after making presentations to both Towns.  

“(The Towns) were very, very supportive right from the get-go," he said.

The Crescent Point Community Foundation also contributed money for materials.

Huffman is hopeful that by installing the signs and having a presence in both communities, criminal activity will be discouraged.

“We just want people to know we’re around," he said.

The group is hoping to install 25 signs this year. It is waiting for approval from Foothills County to install signs in two locations near Black Diamond.

Besides crime prevention, the group also promotes community awareness and community safety.  

He reminds residents to check that their garage doors are closed, and vehicles are locked, before going to bed for the night.  

“Don’t allow yourself to become a victim,” he said.

The group also does its own fundraising, including past raffles, where prizes included home-security items like keypad deadbolts and motion-sensing lights, and has held 50/50 draws.  

Last year, it distributed 1,000 pamphlets about crime prevention to area homes and businesses that were targeted to help prevent property crime, including thefts from vehicles.

The group patrols in Black Diamond and Turner Valley and reports suspicious activity to the police. Huffman said patrols can take place at any time day or night.

The observe and report organization does not have a  schedule, he said. Members make their own arrangements and determine when and where they patrol. If they spot anything suspicious, they report it to police.

In 2021, the group carried out over 100 patrols and there are currently 15 members in the organization.

-with files from Darlene Casten

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