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Town of Okotoks invites residents to complete the 2022 Budget survey

What kind of community do you want Okotoks to be? What should Council consider in budget deliberations to achieve your vision? The Town will be asking these questions and much more over the next few weeks through an online survey.

Residents and business owners are being asked to fill out the budget survey to help build the 2022 budget. The information shared through this survey will be provided to Council to help them build the budget based on what the community values the most.

“Taking the time to complete this survey has never been more important, as this will be the first budget approved by the new Council elected in October,” said Deputy Mayor Matt Rockley.

The survey will offer a quick pulse check on current satisfaction levels with Town-operated services, programs and facilities. The questions will also help to identify residents’ impressions around the value for property tax dollars in Okotoks, the Town’s economic response to COVID-19, and the priorities the community wants to focus on over the next four-year Council term.

“We are checking back in now to focus more on what you value, what services you need most, and what your priorities are for your family and/or business,” said CAO Elaine Vincent. “We can only build the budget based upon the input you provide, so please take this opportunity to do so.”

The survey ends on June 20 with the results published in a What We Heard Report in early July on the Town website. To take the survey please visit