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The Urban Chicks: Helping You Explore the Wonderful World of Backyard Chickens

You are happier and healthier with urban chickens because you will get outside to let the chickens out of the run and interact with them.

The Urban Chicks has the ultimate solution for those wanting backyard chickens. For successful applicants, The Urban Chicks will deliver hens, set up a coop and provide feed and supplies. You collect the eggs and at the end of the season, the chickens are picked up and taken to their winter home in the country.

“I was introduced to chickens by my husband and they have been a passion ever since.  An opportunity was presented to me in the fall of 2018 to buy the business,” says Tammy Wheatley, The Urban Chicks Owner.

Imagine, having fresh eggs daily, right in your back yard! And that’s not all. Chickens provide an excellent source of pest control as they eat all kinds of bugs. They will also eat mice, if they can catch them. In addition to the bugs and mice they catch, chickens will eat food scraps, so you automatically reduce food waste too!

You are happier and healthier with urban chickens because you will get outside to let the chickens out of the run and interact with them.

Tammy explains, “They require space to free range, and this is not an option. I provide a spacious run for them and they need to come out of the run every day to do what chickens do (run, scratch, peck and visit with you). If they are left in their run, they will eventually scratch down to the dirt and there will be nothing left to peck at except their own feces. This will create an environment for parasites to take up residence on the hens, which can make them sick or even be fatal if not caught in time. An adequately fenced yard is a must.”

It’s not a chore to let the chickens out. It’s fun.

“They are entertaining; they will come when called!” smiles Tammy. “They provide great stress relief. If you take the time to just sit and watch them it's amazing to see them interact and to see all the funny things they do, especially when you get to know them and see their personalities emerge.”

Another benefit? They are great for children. Chickens are easy to care for and will help your child learn about nature, the food chain and responsibility as they help feed and care for the hens.

Also great for children are the incubator packages. The Urban Chicks provides everything needed to hatch a clutch of chicks. It takes 21-23 days to incubate the eggs and after hatching, you can enjoy them for 5-7 days (depending on how many hatch and what brooder you choose).

Tammy says, “I love the incubator packages the most! To set up a package in a home and teach people how to successfully incubate eggs and to experience the joy they have when the little dudes hatch is amazing. This never gets old. I have recently been getting the packages into some schools; for the children to have the experience is awesome as they are so attentive and eager to learn. I can also provide age-appropriate booklets for them to follow the progress from day 1 to day 21.”

Tammy concludes, thanking “my past and present clients; they have been wonderful and don't hesitate to spread the word. Also, my husband Rick who is always there to help with repairs, building runs, chicken catching and anything else that I may need from him.”

Now is the time to book if you are interested in an incubator package. To learn more, visit today.