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The Compounding Pharmacy that Meets All Your Home Health Needs

Okotoks HC Pharmacy is your destination for home care, giftware, medication, vaccines, and some of the best customer service in the region.

This location, however, has another attribute that sets it apart. It is also a compounding pharmacy.

What is compounding?

A compounding pharmacy supplier makes prescribed drugs for patients. While there are many commercially available brand name and generic drugs on the market, there are times when only a particular blend will meet a patient’s needs. Compounding is the act of carefully customizing these drugs in the right dosage.

For example, let’s say your child has a terrible chest cough and over-the-counter medicine just isn’t cutting it. Your doctor may prescribe a stronger medication that needs to be measured out in a dosage suitable for a child.  The compounding pharmacist can take it a step further and even customize the flavour to something the child would enjoy.

The fact is, everyone is unique; an OTC, generic, or even brand name medication may not meet your needs (due to allergies, dosage requirements, etc.) A compounding pharmacist has the expertise to customize the medication to your specific needs.

Sometimes a medication is compounded not because of the dose, but because the patient may have difficulty swallowing it. A capsule can be turned into a liquid suspension, for example.

What Types of Medication can be Compounded?

Compounding has a broad range and can be applied to medications that are given orally, injected, or even applied topically as a cream or serum.

Can Medication be Compounded for Pets?

Yes! A pharmacist, working with a veterinarian, can compound pet medication. Why, you ask, is this even necessary? Well, have you ever tried to give a pill to a cat? Animals can be extremely noncompliant about their medication but when it tastes like something they love, medicating is easier for them… and for you!

Isn’t Compounding Expensive?

Although compounding is specialized art, it does not necessarily cost any more or less than other types of medication. The cost will be related to the drugs required and the materials used, not the fact that the preparation was compounded. Some insurance plans allow for reimbursement of compounded drugs. Speak with your plan advisor or pharmacist to learn more.

Continuously Innovating to Serve You Better

Okotoks HC Pharmacy is pleased to be associated with PCCA®, who specialize in the creation of personalized medicine to solve a diverse range of health issues. PCCA members have access to a comprehensive formula database and other tools that helps them meet patient needs quickly and efficiently. PCCA’s exclusive C3 compounding training keeps pharmacists on the leading edge of innovations in medicine and the regulations that help guide the industry.

Professional Products, Professional Service

Okotoks HC Pharmacy is your partner in helping you live your most active, pain free, dignified life. The team is ready to greet you with a smile and everyone is invested in your best health, from the cashiers to the pharmacists and everyone on between. Whether you need compounding or wound care, advice on over-the-counter medication or a discussion on home care products, you’ll find what you need at Okotoks HC Pharmacy. Ongoing training, professional associations, and leveraging the technology that makes your experience in store easier are part of what you can expect from the pharmacy that cares.

Learn more by visiting online or dropping by in person at ​74 Elizabeth Street.