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Okotoks HC Pharmacy Keeps You Moving

Okotoks HC Pharmacy has a variety of products, backed with the knowledge and service you need, to get you feeling better and back on track.

Okotoks HC Pharmacy is your one-stop location for home health care products, prescription medication, housewares and gifts, Canada Post services, and compounding. As your community hub dedicated to your complete wellbeing, Okotoks HC Pharmacy ensures they have what you need to keep you moving whether you are suffering from a sports or exercise injury, arthritis, or are managing a wound.

Sports and exercise injuries

Keeping in shape is great, but sometimes our enthusiasm leads to injuries. It’s important to address sports and exercise injuries promptly to avoid further complications. Common injuries include pulled muscles, strains, dislocations, and tendonitis (inflammation or irritation of a tendon). Any injury causing you a great deal of distress, pain, or that has resulted in a deep wounds or broken bones should be seen by a physician. 

Okotoks HC Pharmacy has a variety of products including splits, braces, and topical over-the-counter creams to help with minor sports/exercise injuries and after-physician care.


Arthritis can be painful. Keeping active helps alleviate the symptoms. There are many activities that are easy on the joints, such as swimming, cycling, walking, and low-impact aerobics. With some precautions and supportive equipment like compression sleeves and braces, you can stay active with less impact on your joints.

Okotoks HC Pharmacy carries a variety of sleeves and braces to help keep you moving with ease.

Wound Care

Okotoks HC Pharmacy’s wound care products help you heal faster and get back to your busy, active life. Regular bandages and gauze for smaller cuts/burns, advanced bandages in a variety of sizes, creams and ointments, and disinfectants are available for home wound care.

Top Brands

To ensure the right product is in stock when you need it, Okotoks HC Pharmacy partners with a variety top brands that specialize in arthritis, sports/exercise injury management, wound care, ostomy, and temporary/long-term mobility aids. Just a few of these brands include:

  • Juzo: Comfort is guaranteed with compression stockings from Juzo. Made with cotton, these stockings are perfect for long wear against sensitive skin.
  • Professional Orthopedic Products: Providing braces and supports for every part of the body, Professional Orthopedic Products is well known for its ASO EVO ankle brace and Wrist Lancer II.
  • OrthoConnection: A nationwide distributor of orthopedic products, this brand specializes in footcare and also has products designed especially for children.
  • Airway Surgical Appliance: A leading Canadian manufacturer of healthcare products since the 1800s.
  • Ortho Active: From prosthetics to orthotics, this BC supplier caries a wide range for every need.
  • Coloplast: Focused on ostomy, continence, urology, wound, and skin care in both products and services, Coloplast provides additional support through direct contact care programs.
  • Hollister: Not to be confused with the clothing brand, Hollister Incorporated’s mission is to “To make life more rewarding and dignified for the people who use our products and services.” These products include a wide range of ostomy, continence, wound and critical care items.
  • ConvaTec: This global medical and tech company’s many products include infection prevention technology and considerations for sensitive skin.
  • DonJoy Performance: Known for their durable knee braces; Freeze Sleeve™ technology, and flexible wraps.
  • Mepilex®: Specializes in foam dressings with silicone layers. This brand is designed for wounds with moderate to high exudate (leakage). The dressing helps maintain a sterile environment while preventing the leakage from seeping.
  • Sigvaris, whose fashionable compression products help you stay active while looking great.

These are just three of Okotoks HC Pharmacy’s many product lines that will help keep you active no matter what is impacting your mobility.

Top Service and Support

Along with the pharmacy’s top products comes top customer service. Experienced pharmacists and aides use their knowledge and network of suppliers to guide you to the products best suited for your needs. You are treated with discretion and dignity at all times, and your questions are promptly addressed.

The Okotoks HC Pharmacy website includes self-serve education channels to help you learn more about  compression, ostomy, mastectomy, and wound care.

The pharmacy is also committed to being accessible by phone, email, a website contact form, and in store. Each department has its own email so you can quickly connect with the sleep clinic, surgical supply, or a pharmacist.

Get moving, stay moving

One of the keys to a healthy, fulfilling life is to be active. Yet, it can be hard to remain active when an injury, arthritis, or wound derails your day. Okotoks HC Pharmacy has a variety of products, backed with the knowledge and service you need, to get you feeling better and back on track. Visit Okotoks HC Pharmacy today. It’s the all-in-one community wellness hub committed your wellbeing.