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Okotoks HC Pharmacy: Helping You Live Actively and Independently

Okotoks HC Pharmacy provides compounding, home health care, housewares/giftware, a sleep clinic, a Canada Post outlet, and more.

Okotoks HC Pharmacy provides compounding, home health care, housewares/giftware, a sleep clinic, a Canada Post outlet, and more. This pharmacy’s aim is to provide the tools, education, and products that help you live your best and most active life – which is why they also carry a wide range of mobility aids.

Mobility aids are devices that assist with independence and movement. It may be tempting to think of mobility aids as something for the elderly or infirm, but anyone at any age may need the support of a walker, scooter, transfer lift or sling, portable commode, cane, or wheelchair. From post surgery or accident recovery to complications from pregnancy or issues with motor functions, mobility aids provide a dignified way to retain independence.

Okotoks HC Pharmacy is invested in helping you find the best mobility solution for the short or long-term, which is why the product lines carried include Evolution Technologies, Invacare, Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare, Compass Health, and MOBB Home Health Care.

The pharmacy only retails select brands that have proven to be outstanding in innovation, design, and accessibility for their clients. Access to these lines also ensures a wide range of products to suit any mobility need. Having access to a variety of scooters, sizes and colours of canes, personal care safety aids, and more are important because access to choice is important. Mobility aids should make you feel comfortable, empowered, and supported, and the team at Okotoks HC Pharmacy are with you every step of the way to help you get the product(s) you need.

Whether you are newly in need of a mobility aid or would like to switch the aid you are using for something better suited to current situation, Okotoks HC Pharmacy is here to help. With high quality products in stock or available for order, the caring team of pharmacy professionals takes the time you need to discuss your situation, your active lifestyle goals, your long-term needs, and your pain tolerance. From there you have support in choosing the right product, be it a detachable bath rail, a shower stool, a cane, or even a manual wheelchair or powered scooter. You’ll learn about products that can assist you in transferring from the wheelchair to the commode, or from the scooter to a bed, and other products that can help you move and transfer with safely.

Okotoks HC Pharmacy has your complete health in mind. In addition to aids for daily living, the pharmacy takes the art of compounding to another level. Compounding is not just preparing prescriptions. It is a science that involves mixing the exact strength and dosage required for a patient’s specific need. Compounding was the original precursor to dispensing. As mass drug manufacturing took hold in the 1950s and 1960s, many pharmacists moved to dispensing the readily available produced medications. There is no doubt that these medications have provided greater access to care for many people, however, without compounding, some patient’s need are not met. Compounding allows for a much more specific dose and can be customized in everything from the flavour to the use of alternative/natural medications.

Mobility, health, and pain management all go hand in hand. Okotoks HC Pharmacy strives to provide the best care and highest quality products so you can be as healthy and active as possible. For all your pharmacy and mobility aid needs, along with the convenience of house/giftware and postal services under one roof, visit Okotoks HC Pharmacy today.