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Infinite Chartered Professional Accountants: The Local Firm Focused on Service

Infinite Chartered Professional Accountants prides itself on a suite of leading services and solutions for Alberta’s busy sectors.

As an independent firm, services offered are always fast and intuitive. The firm provides a wide range of solutions including integrated tax planning, inheritance tax, trust returns, estate planning, retirement planning, tax returns, corporate finance and wealth and asset management.

Adam Stepa, CPA, CA, is one of the three partners at the firm.

“Infinite CPA was started in the mid 1990s by David Thompson,” says Adam. “Andrew Darrach, Partner, joined in early 2006 and I came on as a senior manager late in 2011. I became a partner in 2015.”

He describes Infinite CPA’s most recent service, “About three years ago we brought in an in-house financial planner so we could offer integrated wealth management and tax planning. Historically the client would go to a financial planner then take that information to an accountant and there would be a lot of back and forth. Now, we are pleased to offer this complete service under one roof.”

Every solution offered is backed by outstanding customer service. “We do our due diligence and are responsive in getting back to clients,” says Adam. “That is one thing that sets us apart. We respond within a day whenever possible. If clients have a question or a need, we respond fast because typically, those are needs that cannot wait.”

It’s easy to see why clients love Infinite CPA, but they aren’t the only ones. The team enjoys the value-led company too. The partners ensure the firm provides a great work environment for everyone in the office.

“As you become a larger office there are a lot more personalities,” says Adam. “It is important to us that everyone gets along and that we keep the team cohesive. That is what makes it a great place to work. We also focus on work/life balance. Our team members love being able to leave the office to see their kid’s recital or pick them up from sports practice. We have the ability to give the team flexible hours.”

Infinite CPA is community-driven. In addition to being a local firm and therefore able to frequent the establishments of, and support, their local corporate clients, the firm gives back robustly in every way they can. This includes donation drives for the Okooks Food Bank, Foothills County Hospice, Rowna House, Sheep River Health Trust, KidSport and many more.

On behalf of the partners and team, Adam says a big thank you to Infinite CPA’s clients. “About 95 per cent of our business is from client referrals,” he notes. While the clients are happy to refer Infinite CPA, they are equally happy to nominate the firm for consumer-led recognitions such as the Best of Foothills awards.

So, what comes next for the agile, boutique, accounting practice? “More of the same in some regards, but also keeping up with the standards and industry changes,” says Adam. “There are lots of changes coming up due to COVID, and changes to the tax system in general. We will be here for our clients to help them navigate it all.”

Learn more about Infinite Charted Professional Accounts online at See a valuable list of resources, such as tax tips and links to Statistics Canada and the Government of Canada on their resource page: