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Gord Lang’s Vision for Okotoks is Inspired by His Local Focus

Gord Lang, a candidate in the municipal election, is a father and very involved in the local business scene. With nearly 30 years as a resident, he understands the town and what it needs now, and far into the future.

“I moved here in 1993,” he explains. “I came here right out of college and worked for a local golf course for 16 years, where I met my wife. We have three beautiful daughters and about 10 years ago, I joined Good Time Party Rentals, which is owned by my wife’s family, in a project manager role. In between then and now, I also worked in Fort McMurray as a purchasing agent for a pipeline company.”

His varied experience has given him unique insight in what families need in parks, safe spaces, and schools; the issues affecting small business owners; and an understanding of those that commute up north for energy industry opportunities. With all this in mind, he decided to start his political journey four years ago – but the timing wasn’t right.

“During the last election we were looking into an acreage purchase and the girls were still in school and heavily involved in their activities. Now they are older and the timing is better all around,” he says, demonstrating his observance of work/life balance. Now he feels he can be more fully present and focused on the residents of Okotoks, especially having spent time volunteering on local boards such as Okotoks curling rink as a director and president.

Being passionate about local business and non-profits, one of his top platform items is attracting new business to town.

“When you attract new business, you create employment and bring money into the economy,” says Lang. “I’d like to work with the Town’s administration to help streamline the process of attracting new business. However, it is also important to keep supporting the businesses that have been here from day one. Okotoks and area should be known on the map for ‘made in Okotoks’ products. We should have pride in that area!”

Another item on his platform is about council itself. “I believe council should be more transparent, accessible and approachable now and into the future. I would love to facilitate casual chats a couple times per year... a council check-in with the people. Council must always be fiscally and socially responsible, and ready to support all the important movements concerning the rights and needs of our culturally and lifestyle-diverse population.”

Lang’s concerns go beyond the town borders and into an area affecting all of Alberta. “As we are seeing in the federal election, affordable housing is an issue. It’s very hard for people to get into their first home. I know when my daughters are ready to purchase a house, it’s going to tough for them. I want to expand on what council has already started in this regard.”

The senior population is also top of mind for Lang. “We must all listen and react to seniors’ needs. They have concerns that must be addressed.”

Lang loves Okotoks, calling it a small town with big city amenities. As someone who enjoys meeting people, he likes the fact that it’s a town where you can walk down the street and always run into a friend.

“The voters should know that I am hardworking, family orientated, fair and dependable candidate,” Lang concludes. “Family, friends, and community are important to me.”

Lang is hosting a meet and greet pancake breakfast on September 18 from 9 am to noon at Good Time Party Rentals in Okotoks (105, 231 Don Seaman Way). Learn more about the event and his vision for the town by emailing and following him on Facebook. Gord Lang - Running for Okotoks council.