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Fairway Divorce Solutions: The Path to Avoiding Financial Destruction

Money. It can be hard to talk about for many people, including couples. The reasons for this are vast and include seeing how your parents talked about or handled money, expectations within relationships, willful avoidance or simply not understanding how it all works. When money talk is part of a divorce, however, things change very fast. Then you have to talk about the money – and without the proper support, you can lose all of it.

Fairway Divorce Solutions offers a better way forward. The company has one goal in mind: saving divorcing couples from financial destruction. The Fairway Model provides discreet, fast, knowledgeable service that focuses on resolution over expensive court battles. Working with Fairway can help couples save thousands on legal fees, and also save the hard earned money both parties have earned over the years.

Fairways Divorce Solutions in Okotoks is run by Alex and Joel. Between them they have years of experience, with Alex working in financial services since 2009 and Joel since 2007.

“Divorce can lead to disruption in lending plans, causing disturbances in capital assets,” says Alex. “Additionally, divorce can greatly affect your wealth plan and even your living budget. The best way is to work with professionals about how to approach the issues and get help making those hard decisions.”

Not only does Fairway help clients understand the money side of the divorce process, mediation allows the couple to have a safe space to discuss the entire process with a neutral third party – all without lawyers present.

Alex and Joel’s many years in the industry means they have seen and heard it all; and they are happy to be of service no matter what.

“It’s what I love the most about the job,” Alex smiles, “helping families avoid financial destruction. No matter what is brought to the table, we are both proud and humbled to help our clients avoid a lot of unnecessary headaches, and costs.”

What are those costs? It depends on if the divorce is contested or uncontested. Without the help of Fairway Divorce Solutions, the costs can quickly soar to well over $20,000 (lawyers, fees and paperwork for contested). And that is even before the division of assets, child support, custody and alimony enter the picture.

The fair way is Fairway – for you, your financial situation and your family. Alex and Joel are happy to work with couples or individuals looking to avoid the financial destruction of divorce; so, if your estranged partner is not willing to enter mediation, you can still work with Fairway on your own.

“Resolution experts mediate and negotiate independent outcomes,” confirms Alex, “And we ensure all the other professionals in the divorce proceeding are kept in the loop so the whole process can be handled quickly and to our client’s best advantage.” Those professionals include lawyers (if retained by either party), financial professionals, estate planners, etc. Fairway knows the longer things are drawn out, the more expensive the process. With a driving desire to save clients’ money, Alex and Joel provide their services while helping to keep everyone else involved on track.

Divorce is never easy, and it can be incredibly expensive. Alex and Joel want you to know that there is a better way – a fair way. Before calling up lawyers and facing the loss of your hard earned wealth, contact Fairway Divorce Solutions for a free consultation. At Fairway, the focus is on you, your independent future and the protection of what you have rightfully earned. When these are looked after, you can enjoy a much brighter future, whatever that future may hold.

Proudly serving Okotoks and Calgary SE. Learn more online, and on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.