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Foothills County: Development Permit Application 22D 251

Foothills County has issued a water-boil advisory in the hamlet of Blackie.


The following Development Permit has been approved
subject to certain conditions and subject to a 21-day
appeal period:

1. Development Permit Application 22D 251
Ptn: SE 05-20-28 W4M
Industry, Light; Outdoor Storage; Business Offices
County Contact–Brenda Bartnik-Development Officer
The file for the development permit application can
be made available upon request. Should you wish to
review a file or should you have any questions,
please contact our Planning & Development
Department at Telephone: (403) 652-2341 or Email:

Pursuant to Section 685(2) of the Municipal
Government Act, any person affected by these
decisions may submit an appeal to the Subdivision
and Development Appeal Board (SDAB) Clerk. Should
you choose to submit an appeal, please complete the
Notice of Development Appeal Form, which can be
obtained from our website,
or emailed/faxed out upon request. Alternatively, you
can submit a letter outlining your appeal, which must
contain the following information:

a. the Development Permit File Number
(i.e., 21D 000) that you are appealing.
b. detailed reasons for appealing; and
c. your full name (printed and signature), legal
description, mailing address, and phone number.

Appeals must be received by the SDAB Clerk no
later than 4:30 P.M. on Thursday February 9, 2023
and must be accompanied by a $100.00 appeal
fee. The appeal fee will be refunded following the
hearing if there is record that the appellant or someone
authorized to act on behalf of the appellant who
attended the scheduled appeal hearing.


Email (scanned pdf): or
Fax: 403-652-7880 or

Mail/Deliver: SDAB Clerk, Foothills County,
309 Macleod Trail S, Box 5605,
High River, AB, T1V 1M7

- For email submissions, if you do not receive a
reply email from our office confirming receipt of
your submission, please contact the SDAB Clerk
immediately (403) 603-6227.

- The notice of appeal form may be mailed, but if it is
received after the appeal deadline, the appeal will
be invalid.

Donna Eaton
Development Assistant