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Wheels on the bus go round

Okotoks just became more accessible for those who don’t, or can’t, get behind the wheel.

The Town’s on-demand transit system launched on Monday and so far it’s getting positive reviews.

Wheel staff had the opportunity to hop on board last week for a guided tour of Veterans Way, Milligan Drive and Okotoks Drive delivered by Mayor Bill Robertson on a round trip from town hall to the rec centre.

It’s a pretty smooth ride with enough space for seven passengers and anything they might have to carry with them - a few groceries, a stroller, wheelchair, backpacks, a box of Costco goods. It will all fit in the back.

Not everyone will be treated to the mayor’s monologue when they book their rides, but it’s still a pretty sweet deal.

For $2.75 or less per trip, anyone can book a bus to pick them up and drop them off curb-side at their chosen locations within Town boundaries.

It will be a welcome addition to Town services for those who choose not to drive, or for those who can’t, like youth and some seniors. Okotoks Transit can be accessed through a phone app, on the web or by telephone, making it easy for everyone to book.

The Town expects its third bus won’t see too much road time outside of special events, but the transit system could gain popularity very quickly and demand more wheels on the ground.

Time will tell how the service grows, but for the time being it’s making Okotoks easier to get around for some folks.

This could make a huge difference for people who need to get to work across town but don’t have a personal vehicle. Remember, it may feel small but Okotoks is no longer a “walk anywhere in 10 minutes” kind of town.

It will also provide many seniors with more freedom to get out and socialize or shop on their own.

Okotoks Transit is rolling in the right direction, all through the town.