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Okotoks Western Wheel readers prove they are caring

Western Wheel readers and the community have shown that despite the doom and gloom of the economy, they are more than willing to open their wallets to help others.

The 2020 Western Wheel Cares campaign raised just over $45,000 for eight worthy charities in the Foothills area.

Since its inception eight years ago the campaign has raised $342,922. While it says Western Wheel on the title, it is the readers and the community that drives the campaign.

Sure, Wheel Cares co-ordinator Gayle Wolf does yeoman’s (yeowoman’s?) work on the project and the editorial staff writes features to promote each of the eight charities, but it is you — John and Jane Q. Public — that part with hard-earned money to make the campaign a success.

Without your generosity the Wheel Cares campaign would not have the success it has had over the years, regardless of the efforts of the newspaper’s staff.

That community effort is evident throughout the year in other endeavours, but even more so during December leading up to the holiday.

Okotoks Food Bank executive director Pamela McLean was more popular than a cute kitty video when it came to Foothills area social media, as she was constantly Facebooking and tweeting generous donations from organizations and businesses leading up to Christmas.

She jokingly stated she didn’t think there was a Midget hockey team in Okotoks that didn’t contribute to the food bank in December.

Readers’ contributions from Wheel Cares have already started to pay off. The Sheep River Health Trust will make the final payment on a $56,000 ultrasound machine through its cheque from Wheel Cares.

This is all due to the efforts of you.

Thank you. You have made it Western Wheel Cares, not Western Wheel Who Cares?