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Macleod MP gets deserving promotion

It was announced on Tuesday Macleod MP Ted Menzies was promoted to Minister of State of Finance. Menzies, who was the parliamentary secretary for Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, will assume the new post which is a low level cabinet position in Ottawa.

It was planes, trains and automobiles

As I mentioned last week my wife and I had a snowy trip to Scotland earlier this month, but the trip home was almost as harrowing.

Make love not war in 2011

The New Year came upon us fast, thanks to 2010 moving at a tiger’s swift and stealthy pace. According to Chinese astrology, 2010 was the Year of the Metal Tiger, a year of passion and fearlessness.

Christmas has come and gone

Well it was a good Christmas and I sure hope you agree. The weather improved and the highways were in pretty good shape to get around.

Twas a Christmas lost

It is over already. I don’t know what it was this year, but it seems like Christmas was here and gone faster than Haley’s Comet streaking across the night sky. I actually feel like I missed it and I have no one to blame but myself.

Christmas shopping made easy

I actually look forward to Christmas shopping. No, seriously, I am not kidding. I know it is almost loco to hear such a statement from just about anyone at this time of year, especially a guy, but I really do enjoy the shopping season.

How did we survive the drive?

In hindsight I have to question how we ever survived those long family drives. I can remember vividly as a child traveling in the family Suburban as we made our way from one end of Saskatchewan to the other. Child restraints? Ha, yeah right.

For men only: How to buy Christmas gifts for significant others

That sound you hear on top of the holiday music in all the malls is the satisfied murmurs of women across the country who have settled down with eggnog and a good book.

Did I read that sign right?

Sometimes the signs put in place to give us direction are more confusing than the task at hand. Don ' t believe me? Check these out: • Toilet out of order. . . please use floor below.

Hopeful for water funding

I’m on pins and needles waiting to hear if there is any money in the provincial budget for the regional water pipeline between Okotoks and Calgary.