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It takes a man to admit you're wrong

It must have hurt her deeply, the pain must have been excruciating and it likely set the feminist movement back decades. My wife admitted to me she was wrong. Let’s just take a moment to allow the impact of that statement to resonate. . . .

Seeing stars thanks to hoax

I should have stayed in Ottawa for my holidays, at least there I expect weird things to happen.

The boy finally finds his life's passion

He is a pig, he is lazy, he kinda smells and he drives me absolutely crazy. I am not being cruel. In fact, I am confident, in all honesty, he would agree with me all accounts.

Penny Tax will be disastrous

Did you see where some Calgary business people are touting the idea of adding a one cent sales tax to all purchases made in Calgary? They estimate it would collect about $350 million a year.

Leadership election brings sweeping changes to Tories

For years in this country, and in this province, there has been an internal battle between the Blue Tory and the Red Tory factions when it comes to conservative politics.

Mar poised to be premier

We have hundreds of Progressive Conservative Party executive members across Alberta and probably the weakest voting system ever invented when it comes to choosing a new leader.

Time to take my man cave back

I let is it slide all summer, but fall is in the air and I am ready to hibernate. My 20-year-old son moved home in the spring and immediately took over the basement which was once my domain. The one place the girls who dominate my home did not tread.

Tories prepared to pick next premier

When the Progressive Conservative Party selects its new leader later this week they will also be choosing Alberta’s next premier.

Okotoks' high school football teams need some added incentive

There are some epic sports rivalries be it Ohio State-Michigan, Bruins-Canadiens or Calgary Edmonton. We have a similar rivalry emerging in Okotoks between the Holy Trinity Academy Knights and Foothills Composite Falcons football teams.

Mom and dad are having trouble saying good-bye

It could have been compared to the awkward silence after a first date.