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The warm signs of spring are in the air

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.... Yes, it comes but once a year and still inspires me to stop for a pint and toast the Irish. I was in Arizona recently and must say was surprised to see the amount of events to mark the occasion down there.

Redford will be one to watch

One word to describe Alison Redford would be passionate. The Progressive Conservative Calgary-Elbow MLA stopped in Okotoks on Friday for an exclusive interview with the Western Wheel editorial staff.

Canadians should be proud

As I settled down the other day to watch the Calgary Flames take on the Montreal Canadians in the outdoor game at McMahon Stadium in Calgary I was stunned to see they played the American anthem along with “O Canada”.

Chamber has enjoyed a storied history in Okotoks

Did you know? The Okotoks and District Chamber of Commerce has been promoting local business in Okotoks since 1907. In fact, in 1907 the Board of Trade had published the Okotoks Eldorado, a pamphlet asking the people of Okotoks to shop locally.

Immigrants need to embrace Canada's culture

What is multiculturalism? Breaking the word down into three components, it means: multi — many, various or more than one; culture — customs, arts and social behaviour of a nation; ism — a distinctive system, philosophy or ideology.

Lent is an opportunity to revist our roots

The season of Lent begins today with the observance of Ash Wednesday. A 40-day period excluding Sundays that culminates in the celebration of the Resurrection of our Lord and the Easter season.

Warning lights mean nothing

They blink, they shine and some of them even make annoying little sounds. For all their pestering one should really pay attention to these warning lights, but we do not — at least I do not and it nearly cost me the doghouse.

Build it together and the cash will come

The Dunbow Recreation Association is once again planning its annual fundraiser to help build a multi-use recreation facility in the Heritage Heights area. The recreation association has pledged to raise $1.

Women still have ways to go

It’s a far cry from Mad Men for women in the workplace today. The era of women being relegated to the background, staying in the home, and being limited to subservient roles is over.

Women's rights are hard won

Every day, I wake up and thank heaven for being born Canadian. I do this mostly because Canada is a great country, one that offers its citizens, both men and women, many freedoms.