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Could be headed to quarantine

If you have an issue or a story idea for the paper get in as soon as possible because the Western Wheel office may be under quarantine for the next six weeks. The staff at the Western Wheel did not make it through this prolonged winter unscathed.

When shopping there is no place like home

There is no place like our hometown to shop. The other evening I was at a dinner party and one of the discussions was all about how the people of Okotoks do not have to leave Okotoks to do their shopping.

A different kind of house reno

Now that our federal representatives are off campaigning for yet another election, it’s the perfect time to do a makeover in the House of Commons.

Off to the polls we go again

It wasn’t long ago I talked in my column about how Canada fared with other G8 nations when it came to economic recovery.

Apathetic voters should be involved

It is easy to see why Canadians seem to have a laissez-faire attitude to federal elections, but change will not happen without an engaged electorate.

My wife rescues dream season

Our wives certainly can be annoying at times can’t they? They can drive men crazy with their “honey do” lists, they assume we have journeyman tickets in plumbing, carpentry and electrical, and they make us watch those gawdawful “hidden gem” movies.

Equalization payments need to be revamped

Canada’s equalization payments are an antiquated model which rewards failure and punishes success — it could almost be perceived that this is damaging the Canadian economy. Six provinces will receive approximately $14.
Skaters and Okotoks shine at STARSkate

Skaters and Okotoks shine at STARSkate

It was a big weekend for members of the Okotoks Skating Club at the Alberta STARSkate championships. Hometown skaters picked up four medals in competition over the four-day event, which was held on their home turf at the Okotoks Recreation Centre.

Learning to save face(book)

The Okotoks Western Wheel is boldly going where this man doesn’t want to go — into this thing called the social network.

Albertans need to stand up for oil sands

I just finished reading Ezra Levant’s latest book “Ethical Oil” and love him or hate him no one can take away Ezra’s passion or his intelligence. As an Albertan I take great exception to those out there who paint our oil sands with a “dirty” brush.