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Trudeau’s crew abandons ship

Trudeau’s troubles started Feb.

Trudeau’s troubles started Feb. 7 when the Globe and Mail reported that the Prime Minister’s Office pressured Jody Wilson-Raybould during her time as Attorney General to intervene in the legal proceedings against the Quebec-based engineering and construction company, SNC-Lavalin.

On Feb. 11 Trudeau stated Wilson-Raybould’s continued presence in his cabinet speaks for itself. The next day, she resigns from his cabinet. His long-time friend Gerald Butts resigns from his post as Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister on Feb. 18. He stated, “It is in the best interests of the [Prime Minister’s] office and its important work for me to step away.”

On Feb. 27 Wilson-Raybould testifies at the Justice Committee, stating she “…experienced a consistent and sustained effort by many people within the government to seek to politically interfere in the exercise of prosecutorial discretion in my role as the Attorney General…” She names the Prime Minister and 10 others as being involved in the political interference.

Then Jane Philpott resigns from her post as the head of the Treasury Board in Trudeau’s cabinet on March 4. She states, “Sadly, I have lost confidence in how the government has dealt with this matter and in how it has responded to the issues raised.”

A key message across Canada that has emerged from this scandal is that Jody Wilson-Raybould did the right thing when nobody was watching. My hunch is that Trudeau will be forced out and Wilson-Raybould will be the new leader of the federal Liberals going into the election this fall.