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School's in, slow down

32 Street will have more traffic

School starts this week for more than 2,000 students in the Okotoks area as Christ the Redeemer Catholic Schools gets things going on Thursday.

Of course, that number will more than double when the public school system gets in the act the following week.

And every year, there is a reminder that school zones are in place  now.

Wouldn’t it be great if the Town would make all school zones and playgrounds consistent like other communities have? That way once drivers  saw an open field, they could just slow down  — something hopefully most of them  do anyway.

But to give council credit, reducing the limit to 40km/hr on non-major roads has made Okotoks a safer place to live.

There will be slightly added concern next week, when the K to Grade 8 Meadow Ridge School opens on Sept. 3 along 32 Street — across the street from Holy Trinity Academy.

Although the students at HTA are polite and courteous drivers, the fact there is the one exit and entrance emptying on to 32 Street makes traffic at bell time that will test anybody’s patience.

All drivers are going to need is patience and awareness as an already busy 32 Street just got busier.

Fortunately, both the Foothills and Christ the Redeemer school divisions have worked together to try to get things steered in the right direction.

And they will monitor things and maybe small scheduling changes will have to be made to deter traffic and, most importantly, keep the students safe.

Everyone in Okotoks has known the new school is coming, so it’s time for all drivers to be ready. Sure it’s going to be a bit more crowded, but no need to get alarmed.

Slow down, so all that is heard are school bells, students laughter and not sirens going to a vehicle collision.