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Okotoks Seniors Club's future looks brighter

Hi Everyone, well it looks like this might be the news we have all been waiting for. Vaccinations are now on their way into everyone’s arms to end this nightmare.

COVID is getting the big heave ho, the ship “Okotoks Seniors” is getting ready to sail with its original crew and to welcome its many passengers back on board.

We are not sure of a date when we pull out the gang plank, but the more these vaccination get administered, the more confidence we will have and can be sure we will not hit any icebergs and have to abandon ship once again, and fingers crossed we shall have fair winds and plain sailing from then on.

Who hasn't missed the enjoyment of playing a game of canasta with friends, shuffleboard, bowling, shooting a little pool, or just simply volunteering to make someone’s day? There have been lots of lap blankets that have been knitted by some of our members, their needles have been clicking endlessly during these long COVID days, and have been given to people just to say, “how are you today we have been thinking of you”, including myself.

However, we have now depleted our wool that had been donated and desperately need more, please can you search you draws cupboards, closets for any wool that might be lurking and contact Jackie at the centre and she will let you know how to go about replenishing our stock.

We are all waiting to throw open the doors and walk over the threshold to take our senior centre back. We are also eager to learn new pastimes from new members; we always need more land lovers to join our cruise. Every day is a joy even if the weather is a little dull there always is a warm welcome each and every day, all this as long as it is safe to do so for everyone. So, let’s roll up our sleeves in more ways than one, and begin to get back to normal.

We deserve this moment in our lives we have worked hard, let us not miss any more time than we have already. For now, keep wearing the masks, its working so stay safe and we will see you all soon.

For information on getting your shots and making appointments and information, please call 811 or go on line at AHS and immunization and the word “booking” will come up