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Letter: Water issue needs to be at the forefront for council


Dear Editor,

Regarding the issues around securing water for the town of Okotoks, I am quite fed up with the logic behind the town’s water planning and management, the economics behind it, and the short-sightedness of council.

Look, we lived in Okotoks back in the 90s, moved overseas and recently returned to reside in Okotoks. And guess what’s the same? People moaning, groaning, and outright being disgusted with the water supply issues in Okotoks.

And town council (just different councillors) is still looking for ways to get ample water to its citizens. Here’s an idea council, stop approving residential mega projects like the ones going in on the west side of Highway 2A, north of Sandstone Gate and on the east side of Highway 2A, north of Banister road. Oh yes, I know - more houses equals more tax revenue.

You can tax until you’re blue in the face, but there’s still a limited amount of water in this region that can be used without great damage to the eco system and/or sucking the rivers dry.

Jim Tabor