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LETTER: Use some common sense when it comes to fireworks

Okotoks should use the KISS method when it comes to fireworks and make all public displays 10 minutes in length.
Festival-goers watch the fireworks display that capped off Light Up Okotoks on Nov. 18, 2022.

Dear Editor,

Knowing the challenges we have these days, making things difficult or inaccessible doesn’t have to happen.

Yes, the New Year’s Eve fireworks display was quite lacking in length and a terrible location, which was in stark contrast to the wonderful display on July 1. So, let’s learn from our past experiences and keep it simple.

We all appreciate the Town giving its citizens a great show and also mindful of those who have issues with the displays three times a year. Let’s plan to have New Year’s, Canada Day and Light Up all 10 minutes long and accessible to all.

Have them set up around Dawgs Stadium/Bill Robertson Park. People will have the knowledge that they can count on the same location every year which has plenty of parking and viewing for all on both sides of the river. A 10-minute show is plenty of time to wow the crowd.

Sometimes the KISS method is best. People may feel one event is more important than the other, but seriously, treat them equally, and everybody is happy.

Blair Cartwright