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Letter: Thorough thought needed with growth plan

Letters to the editor

Dear Editor,

Re Regional Growth Plan:

The draft regional growth plan proposed by the Calgary Regional Growth Board and submitted to the minister of Municipal Affairs brings with it a certain déjà vu...that unanimous support is lacking in the membership. The rural members are not supportive. The region had a similar outcome with the previous Calgary Metropolitan Plan.

If the Calgary Regional Growth Board proposed plan is approved by the minister without amendment or with amendment, the plan will become a statutory planning document for the region.

Every municipality in the region therefore, needs to be familiar with the proposed growth plan. What makes this plan, among other things, somewhat unique from the previous Calgary Metropolitan Plan, is the absence of a number of municipalities in the region from membership and therefore, without representation or consent. This can be argued to be undemocratic.

If the town of Turner Valley and the town of Black Diamond amalgamate, the option to apply to be a member of the Calgary Regional Growth Board is available, but would need to be accepted by the existing I understand it...likely using the same voting model used to approve the regional growth plan submitted to the minister?

Smart planning by the region is necessary and mandatory...representation by our municipal leaders is equally necessary and membership should be given to those municipalities that desire to be at the growth board table.

Barry Williamson,

Turner Valley