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Letter: Off-leashed dogs disrupt peaceful walk

Letters to the editor

Dear Editor,

I don’t care that your dog is friendly.

My dog doesn’t like dogs. She grew up on the acreage and fought a few times for her life (coyotes).

She may seriously injure your dog if I don’t keep their distance. And she’s old and in pain anyway from a wee bit of cancerous growth.
Everyone I encounter on our walks are beautiful people. We say hello even though we are strangers.

We keep our dogs separated. On occasion some dogs have been off leash and have approached but, a simple demanding command and hand gesture has kept them at bay. Those dogs are fine… and so are their peeps… simple obedience training keep all safe.
Then there are the lost. And the encounter ensues.
Words exchange. I may start of nicely but my finish is not. And when all is said, why was it my problem your dog was off leash!? Inhale from the nose, exhale from the mouth… my beautiful walk has been disrupted but I will erase this stupid encounter.

Linda Tobola