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Letter: MLAs silence deafening in Notley story

Letters to the editor

Dear Editor,

Dearest Jim Tabor, you say our local paper shouldn't publish articles wherein the leader of the opposition is quoted.

Well, if you'd read to the end of the story that has you so enraged, you'd know "Neither Highwood MLA RJ Sigurdson nor Macleod-Livingstone MLA Roger Reid had responded to the Western Wheel requests for comment as of publication time."

So, facing the prospect of an uncomfortable convo, both Sigurdson and Reid chose to decline the call rather than speak to their constituents. And here you are, admonishing the Western Wheel for pushing on to report on the upheaval and opportunistic infighting over at the UCP. Come to think of it—at least Sigurdson and Reid's cowardly refusals to comment are on brand.

Plus, this radio silence isn't new. Even when our community was dealing with one of the highest COVID rates in the world, where was the communication from our provincial and federal representatives?

Like it or not - Rachel Notley - is the leader of the opposition. And she, at least, Was willing to pick up that call.

Perhaps you should ditch the tired blame game, sit back and take in an objective view of the whole story.

Jessica Hallam