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LETTER: MGA meant to be tweaked

Western Wheel reader says thanks to the province for tinkering with Municipal Government Act
BNV.19.11.12.MD Letter
Letter to the editor

Dear Editor,

Province "heavy handed" was Okotoks Mayor Tanya Thorn's response to the province's tinkering with the MGA (Municipal Government Act) regarding public health bylaws. 

Our mayor, in hand with the lobby of the AUMA (Alberta Urban Municipalities Association), has tinkered with the MGA on a regular basis. 

Time after time, the MGA has been amended to accommodate council's every wish and whim.

Without accommodations to the MGA, there would be no municipal access fees, no Bylaw 09-19 with its $2 paper-billing charge for those without emails. In fact, no bylaws at all. 

Thanks to the province for their decision on this matter. 

John Nobes