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Letter: Due dilligence required on the risks of 5G

Dear Editor,

Student columnist Rhea Jones’ informative article (June 3rd) about growing concerns regarding electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and 5G is timely and highlights an issue requiring Okotoks’ urgent attention.

She stated there are contradictions in the information available about whether or not EMFs and 5G are safe. There are no studies proving the new (5G millimeter wave) frequencies are safe; there are certainly plenty of studies showing the adverse health effects of EMFs. Jones states that research on the biological effects of EMFs is “inconclusive and sparse.” In fact, there are many conclusive studies documenting harm from wireless technology; a perfunctory look at the Bioinitiative Report (updated 2019) reveals an alarming archive of studies showing damage.

It’s important to mention that via 5G, corporations will harvest consumers’ private data through cell phones, ‘smart’ devices and appliances in homes, vehicles and businesses — AKA warrantless surveillance.

Last fall, SMART Okotoks and Mitch Marchand, electrical engineer and EMF expert, presented councillors with quality science on the harms of EMFs. Councillor Christophers proposed a motion to further explore 5G and was rejected — a worrying indifference by most of council to the potential dangers of a 5G rollout in Okotoks. Municipalities around the world have introduced moratoriums on 5G. We need to ask ourselves if we’re willing to sacrifice our well-being and privacy for something that amounts to a public health experiment. Microcell transmitters will be on almost every utility pole in town, including the ones outside bedroom windows.

It is incumbent on our town’s Councillors to do their due diligence on the risks of 5G, as well as be equipped to push back on our behalf if telcos insist on the rollout regardless of health concerns. Who will be liable for the potential injuries caused by this untested technology?

Amanda Brown

Nancy Brown

SMART Okotoks