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Letter: Drivers are ready for traffic circle on Highway 7


Dear Editor,

I’m writing this letter, in support of Jason Paul’s idea of having a traffic circle at the intersection of Highway. 7 and the old No. 7.

In my view, with the constant road building that happens in Okotoks, we could have many traffic circles rather that traffic lights.

One of the ‘arguments’ against having traffic circles is that drivers aren’t used to using them. I really don’t believe that drivers in Okotoks are that uneducated.

As an example, I refer to the traffic circle at the intersection of Hwy. 22 and Hwy. 8 - north of Bragg Creek.

It’s been used now for many years and works great. The Chinook Honey ranch corner has lots of space, site lines are good and I would guess that the costs are not much different than installing traffic lights.

The lanes would have to be realigned in both cases. I realize that a primary power line pole is quite close and would have to be moved so this might be an added cost for a traffic circle.

We consider ourselves environmentally responsible, but we certainly aren’t when we sit in our idling cars at intersections with no other cars in sight. If town administration has any studies that compare costs of these two forms of traffic control, I would be quite interested in seeing that.

John Carmichael,