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Letter: Concerns about Sobeys not fair


Dear Editor,

I would like to comment on the letter to the editor that was written last week by Gillian Orr who was critical of staff and customers at Sobeys who weren’t wearing masks. Describing people as “ignorant, stubborn and uncaring” because they are not wearing a mask is not only harsh, it is completely unfair.

Last time I checked, masks were not mandated in Okotoks businesses, which means people can choose to wear one or not. Choosing not to wear a mask does not mean that person is uncaring (or ignorant or stubborn).

Like every other business in town, Sobeys has met all the COVID safety requirements, yet has also managed to go a little further in making their customers feel welcome and comfortable.

That is due in part to allowing customers and staff to wear a mask if they choose to or not. They must be doing a good job as I have heard of no Sobeys COVID cases since this pandemic began.

There are some businesses that I would prefer not to frequent that have made shopping in this COVID era a grim task to be dispensed with as quickly as possible, but not Sobeys. Those who feel everyone everywhere needs to be masked in order to feel safe will have to carefully choose where they shop.

Nancy Brown