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Letter: Highwood MLA didn't hear from all in restrictions issue

Letters to the editor

The following is an open letter to Highwood MLA RJ Sigurdson which was cc'c to Western Wheel as a letter to the editor.

Dear Mr. Sigurdson,

I take exception to your statement that you have heard from your constituents and they oppose the new restrictions. 

I believe that you have heard from some constituents, likely those with businesses most affected by controls. 

There may well be a silent majority of constituents who feel the health, safety, and perhaps lives of citizens are vastly more important than businesses.

We have gone from 50 to 100 cases in a week! We need more caution, not less.

You are elected to represent the best interests of the public, not to represent the interests of a vocal minority.

This posturing will no doubt resurface in advance of the next election which I regret, unless things change drastically, will be hand delivered to the NDP.

Brian Mertz