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Higher fences solution to deer which are here to stay

Letter to the Editor This is to advise you that as of now, I no longer wish to be a member of the Urban Deer Task Force.
Letters to the editor

There is only one realistic solution for gardeners in Okotoks which is higher, deer proof fences. Not temporarily, but permanently.

A simple way to protect gardens. Fences in no way have to look unattractive or ugly, urban deer are here to stay, and so should be the fences. Although I understand the frustration  when flowers, veggies and bushes get wrecked by deer, contrary to hailstorms and early frosts, nothing much we can do about these, with deer, or other wildlife, we can put out a plan. Wild exaggerations like parks and green spaces covered in deer poop, children dying of deer diseases do not help and are unproductive.

Whether we hate them or love them or just do not mind the deer, a kind, understanding and educated approach to any 'wild neighbour' is always the best. And as they say: "Good fences make good neighbours!"

Sue Russell stated in her letter to council that she wanted the number of deer in Okotoks to be 'dramatically reduced'. These deer are not numbers, but they are living, breathing,f eeling animals with a concept of joy and happiness, fear and pain and a family structures.

They lived here long before us, we encroached into their territory by ever expanding,not they into ours. How could any garden look good if this comes at the expense of life, the slaughter of these deer?There is beauty in flowers, and beauty in deer, and beauty in compassion

Combining these will make Okotoks shine and be the town people want to live in.Education,deer proof fences,speed limits and possible immunocontraception as discussed at the task force will be our solution.


Gabriele Barrie