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Editorial: Readers' care drives Wheel's campaign


There has been a casual debate as to when holiday decorations should come down this year – take them down to keep it like another season as much as possible or leave them up to brighten these gloomy days.

Fortunately, there are seven charities in the Okotoks season which have had their season brightened by the generosity of Okotoks Western Wheel readers.

A record $71,379.85 was raised in the 2020 Western Wheel Cares campaign – a year in which organizers expected a dip in donations as families, businesses and the community struggled during these times and pondered the future because of the milieu of COVID-19.

The generosity of readers means that seven organizations, Pound Rescue, the Magic of Christmas, Okotoks Food Bank, Rowan House Society, Foothills Country Hospice, Foothills Advocacy in Motion Society and Sheep River Health Trust can begin their important work of 2021 with an extra $10,000 and change to help them.

And make no doubt about it, charity organizations are also facing the financial pinch and fears these days.

While the Wheel facilitates the campaign, it is the community that ultimately drives it by opening their wallets, chequebooks, purses and most importantly their hearts by contributing the whopping amount.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise as the Okotoks and Foothills community have stepped up to astonishingly keep fund-raising efforts such as the Foothills Country Hospice’s Rally 4 Hospice, the annual Christmas concert for the food bank and others alive during these troubling times.

The generosity of readers and the community in efforts such as the Wheel Cares campaign shows they care and will help each other now and in the future. 

Thank you. Happy New Year.