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Editorial: MLAs travel the wrong path

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There are a number of MLAs and an Alberta official who truly wish they were home for Christmas.

Premier Jason Kenney accepted the resignation of Municipal Affairs Minister Tracy Allard on Jan. 4 as a result of her holiday to the Aloha State over Christmas for a trip that has been a family tradition for 17 years.

Don't let a pandemic get in the way of a tradition.

Meanwhile, families across the province had to forego holiday traditions, such as dining with loved ones or even giving them a hug. As for a trip to the beach in Hawaii, forget about it. The Province has highly recommended non-essential travel not be done for months.

Most Albertans have followed the orders.

Allard wasn’t the lone jet-setting UCP MLA. Jeremy Nixon, Jason Stephan, Tanya Fir, Pat Rehn, Tany Yao and Kenney's chief of staff Jamie Huckabay all received the Premier's late wrath.

These are elected officials who supported lockdowns that have closed some businesses during the peak Christmas season in order to flatten the COVID-19 curb in Alberta.

Hopefully, Allard, Nixon and Co. were able to get a haircut and maybe a workout on their holidays – because they can’t workout at places like Okotoks’ Natural High or get a style at Cactus Club in Okotoks — those businesses have been closed for the season due to government restrictions.

No wonder Albertans are beyond irate with the action of the globetrotting MLAs.

It sends a message of do-as-I-say, Not as I do. It also sets a tone of self-entitlement for MLAs.

Not exactly setting an example of leadership.

Worse it may cause Albertans to ignore restrictions as the world tries to get back to normalcy.

MLAs travelling the world certainly won't help the situation.