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Editorial: Let's all do our part

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Just do it — it’s the residents of Okotoks’ responsibility.

Okotoks town council took a baby step in COVID-19 protection when it voted to make masks mandatory at Town indoor public facilities such as arenas, the rec centre and other areas.

However, it did not take the full step of not allowing masks at any public places in Okotoks, such as grocery stores, restaurants and others — unless the individuals are in the process of eating or doing physical activity as in the gym for example.

Now some, included authors on this very space of last week’s Western Wheel, took the point that mandatory masks aren’t necessary — educate, rather than legislate. The Wheel took the concern that masks will hurt businesses as people won’t want to shop where they are forced to mask up.

Some thought we were wrong. Bob Brown at Okotoks Shoppers Mart and Councillor Matt Rockley took the stance by the Town mandating mask, it no longer forces businesses to have staff police COVID-19 protocols.

At the July 27 special meeting concerning the bylaw, Rockley correctly stated that no business wants to get the reputation as the one responsible for a COVID-19 outbreak.

The one thing that is for certain, is each and every one of can take the responsibility to wear a mask to protect friends, family and community.

The science is there — wearing masks helps prevent the spread of COVID-19. The Town has put a threshold of 15 cases in Okotoks will start the wheels for mandatory masks at indoor facilities. As for feeling that being told to mask-up is an infringement on rights, that’s selfish. And how does that seatbelt feel on you?

If Okotokians do the responsible thing — and mask up — it may stop everyone from being told to do so.