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Editorial: Beer helping the money flow in Foothills

Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones once sang: “Raise your glass to the hard-working people.”

And in the Turner Valley/Black Diamond area there are plenty of fine beverages being made to put in that glass.

In fact, one, brewery, Brauerei Fahr, just happens to produce the best in the world.

The announcement last week of Hefe being named Best Bavarian-Style Hefeweisse in the 2020 World Beer Awards has already had an impact.

Brewmaster Jochen Fahr has received considerable attention and the brewery is shipping more of its product to stores, nightclubs and restaurants.

It will also help bring more tourists to scenic Foothills.

Fahr has stated one of the reasons he settled in Turner Valley is because it reminded him of his scenic Germany.

By producing a world champion, Brauerei Fahr will bring more people to the High Country as they get a first hand taste of Hefe and a look at what the area has to offer.

And Fahr is not the lone place to enjoy a drink while in Black Diamond/Turner Valley.

Eau Claire Distillery has established a rustic, facility to visit and shop. Meanwhile, in Black Diamond, Hard Knox Brewery has also established award-winning beers.

And just down the road, Spirit Hills Flower Winery, is producing wine that has also gained international attention. Spirit Hills has become an important part of Foothills County and to tourism in the future.

The establishment of these businesses, along with Hub Town in Okotoks, has already made their mark.

Fahr’s world-championship will only help bring more people to the area — even more so, once COVID-19 protocols are relaxed.

So here’s a toast. You deserve it. And this round, make it a Hefe.