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Deer no longer cute Bambis

Letters to the editor

Dear Editor,

I support Krista Conrad’s article of March 17th regarding the push for new rules on fencing, feeding deer.  It’s about time the Town of Okotoks takes a stand and does something about this never ending problem.

When I first moved to Okotoks 13 years ago, I thought the deer population were sweet little Bambis until I realized they were responsible for non existent yard beautification throughout the community. 

Why waste your efforts when you can’t prevent destruction by the abundant deer population that roam our community like neighbourhood mascots? 

The “significant number of people” who like the deer must live in areas less populated by deer than around Okotoks Junior High SchooSchool, Veterans Way, yards that back onto green space, etc. 

Not only are they destructive to yards and gardens, they are a hazard to kids and pets. 

As a pet owner, it is my responsibility to pick up after my dog wherever we go including green spaces, sidewalks and yards. 

Both my front and backyards are free of doggie poop but I can’t say the same for deer droppings that are everywhere including my sidewalks and lawns. 

I pick up after my dog as do most responsible dog owners, yet we can’t even step on our own grass or sidewalks without side stepping deer poop - not to mention the attraction that is for our pets. 

I’m sick and tired of the deer population eating the blooms of my gorgeous flowers, plants and trees.....and having to avoid deer droppings that pose a health risk to our kids and our pets.  A deer’s natural habitat is the wild - not community streets, yards and gardens.


Nancy Chauvin-Rivey