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Letter: COVID statistics in article out of porportion to risk

Letters to the editor

I just read today's Western Wheel article (April 7) on active COVID cases. It appears that our mayor/Government is distressed with our town's COVID cases.

I checked the Okotoks stats and the last update was April being 99.  After reading the full article I can understand why there
is considerable angst being delivered to our population. 

The concern I have is I was unable to find in my research what the recovery rate is from that 99 total. The Alberta stats are approximately  95 per cent of cases.

The Alberta stats indicate that the average age of those with COVID was 81 years of age. Do we have stats on our death count as well as the average ages.  These things would certainly help one get a  perspective on what we as individuals are facing.

Not sure from my cursory research that even without all the missing data from above, that if the case number  is now 99, and our population is presently at 31,569, that would indicate that, regardless of age factored in, things are very bright.....and the chances of me getting COVID  is .31 per cent.  Now that doesn't sound distressing. I have a small herd of deer running between our houses here, three being young bucks with good sized antlers...I think I may just have more risk getting attacked by them, as I chase them out of our  flower garden, damaging our hedges, and rubbing the bark off four trees.

Now, that is distressing, and a risk which is greater than .31 per cent, which I treat with respect.


Lawrence Schultz