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COLUMN: Spring ahead to better weather

While feeling pinched by rising costs, it seems spring has got our backs
Spring seems to have sprung, which means more fun outdoors amid rising costs.

We’ve jumped ahead an hour, the wind is blowing and outside looks like the aftermath of a music festival with all that mud.

All signs point to springtime.

Thank goodness.

The moths in my pocket are hopeful warmer weather is here to stay.

The rising costs of living nowadays isn’t conducive to winter weather.

Paying for indoor entertainment to avoid the elements and driving short and medium distances to skip soggy shoes­… it’s a lot right now.

All Albertans. Nay! All Canadians are feeling the pinch as prices on necessities continue to climb.

But the promise of warmer days to come means more fun can be had outside where the price is right. Zero.

Soon, pathways will be buzzing with bicycles and skate parks will be reaching max capacity as snow melts naturally.

(Special thanks to all you snow angels who shovelled out the parks on those warmer winter days. We appreciate you!)

I can’t wait to lace up my roller skates to navigate the freshly paved paths in my community once they’re free of debris.

I can’t wait to go on long bike rides, complete with a scenic picnic stop and sweet Polaroid moments.

Fingers crossed weather stays on our side.