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Column: Neighbour's kindness blows mind

Tanya Ryan's monthly column #LightSideUp
Tanya Ryan 2

Which day was it that we got all the snow? The 22nd of December? (Life-hack: learned that, that’s the day you go to Costco - it was empty).

I don’t remember the date exactly. But what I do remember, quite vividly, was both my husband and my brother (that lives with us) had put their back out (…or had they??)

And since I can’t seem to get my eight-month-old to help with any work around the house (kids these days, amirite?) - I was on my own.

The snow was still falling as I walked out knee-deep in my PJs and snow boots (it’s a look). I heaved a heavy sigh and put myself to work. I started on the walkway, it felt like the least daunting. And just for perspective here. I had a baby eight months ago; combine that with my COVID anxiety - I haven’t seen the inside of a gym for quite sometime.

My driveway would be Everest.

I wasn’t making quick work of it - but was progressing none-the-less when I looked up and felt my eyes flicker a shade of green. Way up in the distance was someone with a snowblower.

I stared longingly for a moment, then resolved that I would be saving my beer cans until I could get my own. (This equals more beer and also a new snowblower. Win/win). I continued working on the walkway but periodically would look up to envy my neighbour with his magic snow-obliteration machine.

Perhaps it was ignorance, or the fact that I wasn’t wearing my glasses, or simply that I’m just not that smart sometimes - but it took me a weirdly long time to realize that my neighbour-friend was not turning around.

He was getting closer and closer… my lovely neighbour-friend was snow blowing the walkway for the whole block!

Oh what a wonderful, gracious creature this man is.

I nearly cried a frozen tear of joy; but instead I hopped out of his way and repeatedly bowed gratefully to him.

Our house is second from the corner. I watched him as he turned around to make his way back home - again nodding my thanks; and internally beaming in gratitude for him saving me a heap of work. But just then another magical thing happened.

A Christmas MIRACLE.

The lovely, amazing, beautiful neighbour-man did not go home… The wonderful, glorious, spectacular neighbour-angel turned his magical snow-terminator up my driveway! I nearly hugged him! (But didn’t, because that’s illegal).

I gleefully ran and finished shovelling off my steps and tried not to be creepy as I basically grinned at him the whole time he was chugging back and forth blasting the snow onto the road.

I love Okotoks and the awesome people that live here. I can’t thank you enough magic neighbour-man. Please tell me your house number and I will drop off my grandma’s oatmeal cookies.

You made my day. And hats off to any and all of you that helped someone else with the massive over-helping of snow we received.

It doesn’t go unnoticed, and it definitely doesn’t go unappreciated. In the mean time, I’ll be accepting beer can donations for my own magic snow-minator. (That’s a joke, please don’t send cans.)

Happy New Year all!