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Letter: Choosing safety over convenience


Dear Editor,

In a letter sent to the editor and published in your June 24 edition a gentleman was saying Foothills County made the wrong decision by saying it will put traffic lights at the very dangerous intersection on Highway 7 that has been the scene of several bad accidents.

I travel on that road a lot and I am grateful county council has acted on coming up with a way to make the intersection safer. Highway 7 is a busy road and people insist on driving way too fast and passing when it’s not safe to do so.

If you want local government to do something you show up at council meetings and tell them why you want something done differently, complaining after the fact will never work.

Saying that there is lots of land there to build a traffic circle is fine if you are not one of the landowners that must give up land for the idea.

I know farmers having to move their big equipment and truck drivers moving large loads down the road would have a hard time navigating a traffic circle these people are also taxpayers. Council must take all these issues into account when it comes to taxpayers needs.

The horrific accident that happened at that intersection almost a year ago would not have happened had a traffic light in place.

I am sure many people are happy council has acted on this issue.

The decision to install a traffic light make that road safer for all users.

Dan Robson,