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Cellphones dial up stress

A cellphone is a terrible thing to lose
Bruce Campbell
Bruce Campbell, editor

Bravo for Christ the Redeemer Catholic Schools for having lessons to help students with stress when dealing with technology, like with cellphones and stuff.

I know I could use it now, but back when I was in high school or junior high, I would have been a disaster.

Fortunately, they didn’t have cellphones back in the 1970s, calculators that could add were the big thing (in my life, I have been taught how to use a slide rule).

Back in the 70s, I would have received plenty of dislikes from mom and dad for losing my cellphone had they existed.

It’s a major worry for me today.

More than once, I have had to ask office staff to ring my cellphone in an attempt to find it. Thankfully, it rings and I turn it off.

Of course, three hours later, I check my phone, see the office has called and say to myself: “Can’t I get one minute to myself? They didn’t even leave a message those goofs… oh yeah…”

As for likes and dislikes, it would have driven me crazy. No way I would have ever dared to date (that would have eliminated maybe one night out of my busy four-year high school social calendar…).

Even today, I get stressed with likes on The Wheel’s Facebook page.

“How can Remy Greer’s Dawgs win title piece have more likes than my Coin collectors go to Carmangay story? What have I done wrong? What’s wrong with our readers?”

So students, if you feel stressed, put down the cellphone or give me a call... I can’t do anything for you, but it will help me keep track of my phone.


Bruce Campbell

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