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Build an overpass, don’t close road access

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Dear Editor,

The proposal to close 338 Avenue and 370 Ave. for cross traffic at Highwat 2 does not solve the traffic problem, it will only move the traffic problem to Highway 2A. The Town of Okotoks, Foothills County and Alberta Transportation have to address the problem and put an overpass at 338 Ave which has been planned for at least five years. The closure of 338 and 370 to cross traffic would increase the risk to families living east of Highway 2 as emergency vehicles would have limited access and increased response time.

There is a lot of traffic using 338 to access Calgary and that traffic would move over to 2A, creating a bottleneck on 2A and the overpass.

The Town of Okotoks in its municipal plan has defined 338 as a major transport route to Hwy 2A and therefore it is time that the overpass issue be addressed.

John Adkins