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Shay Schanaman

DAWGS 2019 Headshots 9339 web
(BRENT CALVER/Western Wheel)

Position: Infielder, right-handed pitcher

Nickname: Shaybo

School: University of Nebraska

Pre-game routine: Long stretch, bands

Pre-game meal: Anything, lots of fluids

Baseball superstition: If you don’t want the ball hit to you, it will get hit to you 10/10 times

Biggest mentor and why: Darin Erstad. Proved hard work can get you anywhere, daily grinder

Best advice you’ve ever received: The only person that can beat you is you

Favourite baseballism: N/A

Fondest baseball memory: Pitching in Big Ten championship

Most embarrassing baseball moment: Making a game-losing error at short in front of girlfriends parents at their first game of mine

Baseball idol: Marcus Stroman

Walk-up song: Fat Bottomed Girls by Queen

Hometown: Grand Island, Nebraska

First impression of Okotoks: Baseball town, laid back

Favourite part of being a Dawg: Best facilities and fan base in the league

2019 stats in WCBL